Dedication Of Love

Any problem, however large, becomes trivial when divided  
by 1.3 billion, and any individual charity contribution,  however
small, becomes huge when multiplied by 1.3 billion.

Corporate Philosophy
Charity Work
Charity Funds

In addition to its remarkable achievements in business operation and management, Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd. (DCJ Group) has made widely recognized efforts to promote charity activities. Aiming to make its charity activities more sustainable and better organized and help to raise public awareness on charity work, DCJ Group invested RMB 10 million in 2007 to establish the “Guangdong Haojue Charity Fund”, and another RMB 10 million in 2009 to establish the “Jiangsu Haojue Charity Fund”, both dedicated to on-going contributions to poverty reduction, education assistance, and disaster relief programs. By June 2019, the DCJ Group has made donations totaling RMB 185 million in a variety of charitable programs, including more than 30 “targeted” donations, for which DCJ Group was awarded the “China Charity Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contributions” by the China Charity Federation.