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China Charity Award

  On July 16th, 2009, the China Charity Federation (CCF) celebrated the 15th anniversary of its establishment and held the ceremony for “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contributions” at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Many institutions/enterprises, individuals, and programs with outstanding contributions to the Chinese charity undertaking over the past 15 years were honored by the federation, and the Dachangjiang Group was awarded the “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contributions”.

  The Award came in three categories, respectively for individuals, institutions/enterprises, and programs with outstanding charity contributions.

   A total of 528 awards were presented by CFF, including 215 institutions/enterprises.

  The ceremony was attended by around 800 people, including representatives of award-winning corporations, programs and individuals, as well as government officials, such as Li Jianguo, Vice Chair of the NPC Standing Committee, Zheng Wantong, Vice Chair of CPPCC, Li Liguo and Dou Yupei, Vice Ministers of Civil Affairs, and Fan Baojun, Chair of the CCF. Mr. Fan made a keynote speech at the ceremony.(By Haojue Charity Fund)