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Wenchuan Earthquake

  On May 12th, 2008, at 2:28pm local time, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake pounded Wenchuan County in Sichuan province, causing immense damage and casualties. A wave of aftershocks then made the rescue efforts even more challenging. Hearing the news, the management at Dachangjiang Group immediately joined the government relief efforts, and donated a total of RMB 15.307 million within one week to support the relief actions in the affected area.

Immediately after the outbreak of the disaster, the Group management started to organize a donation and made it clear that the Group would take up its corporate responsibility and spare no effort to offer help to those stricken by the earthquake. On May 13th, the Haojue Charity Fund was launched and a total of RMB 5 million was donated through the Red Cross Society of China in the next two days.

  Meanwhile, an internal donation campaign named Stay Together with Wenchuan was also launched among the staff and was enthusiastically supported. Many of the staff from Sichuan also made donations even if their houses in the hometown were destroyed by the earthquake. Some were on business trips and called back to make a donation. Many donated more than once and some even contributed their next month’s salary. Moreover, several teams decided to withdraw a sum of money from their own salary each month and offer long-term aid to those children who have lost their parents in the disaster. The campaign raised a total of RMB 307,000 within two days, which was all transferred to the special account opened by the Red Cross Society of China on May 16th.

  To further fulfill its corporate responsibility, the Group made another donation of RMB 10 million on the special fund-raising program called The Giving of Love hosted by CCTV-1 on the evening of May 18th. The program was co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and six other state ministries and departments in an effort to raise funds for disaster relief.

  It is learned that the Group’s local dealers across the country also made outstanding contributions to the earthquake relief. Some even went to the stricken area and joined the volunteers on the front line.