VD125S, arriving sooner, is a multifunctional
commercial scooter designed by Haojue innovatively.
Pack More and Load Heavier
Front and back can both pack, convenient
High strength big carrier can easily load daily commodities, large package for express delivery or other heavy goods. Extra large front space for loading, easy to accommodate 40L case for takeaway business, or maintenance case, etc. Easy to be disassembled or assembled, saving time and effort.

High Strength Sliding Big Rear Carrier

Larger loading area, carrying more, easier to fasten. Sliding design, more reasonable loading gravity and better secure the safety.

Extra Large Front Loading Space

Much longer, the length is 295mm. Much wider, the width of front footrest is 420mm, helping to load more.

Special Designed Footrest for Carrying Goods

After loading goods, the rider can put feet comfortably on assisting footrests.The two assisting footrests span far from each other and are well positioned, coped with inclined footrest surface design fitting ergonomics, allowing feet rested comfortably.

32L Big Volume Quick-dismantle Tailbox
(Standard for quick-dismantle tailbox version)

①Easy to accommodate full face helmet ②Convenient to dismantle the tailbox and use it as luggage box ③The backing plate of tailbox adopts buffer design at nine points, together with spring jack-prop and good rubber sealing strip adopted at the joint part of upper and lower covers, no abnormal noise during riding and no water leakage in rainstorm or washed by high pressure water.

19.8L Big Helmet Case

Easy to pack 3/4 face helmet or even certain full face helmet.
*The helmet in picture is NOLAN N71 XL full face helmet.

Anti-off Hook

No worry on goods falling off even on bumpy roads.

Perfect for Delivery, Travel Longer
Travel 300km plus after adding one full tank of fuel. No need to add fuel for several days even running takeway business, no need to worry about distance and reserve time for charging too.

Super ESS Engine

Smooth on startup and powerful at acceleration. Fuel consumption is merely 2.07L/100km under WMTC test, coped with 6.5L big fuel tank, the total mileage can reach over 300km.

12 core technologies
  • Intelligent FI system
  • High efficient combustion technology
  • Light weight design for high speed parts
  • Cylinder liner with needled like surface
  • Roller rockarm
  • Crankshaft with anti-vibration technology
  • Driving shaft with three supporting points
  • Direct cooling and spraying lubrication
  • Multi-passage cooling technology
  • On-off rectifier
  • Resonance chamber technology
  • High position air intake system
More Safer

High rigidity frame

No waving at high speed, more stable when riding with loading.

High efficient brake system

Sensitive and forceful, safer at emergency braking.

Brake stopper

Avoiding motorcycle sliding.

More Durable
No worry even for long and intensive riding
Made by excellent raw materials and parts, ensuring same top quality and durability even
under highly intensive riding conditions.

Genuine carbon steel bumper

Better shock resistance performance and protection, durable.

High Quality Steel of Top Brand

High rigidity and strength, better anti-collision and protection to the scooter.

Laser Cutting + Complete Robot Welding

More precise on cutting, even and smooth welding seam, combined with high frequency heating sealing, looking nice and durable.

Anti Weather Fastness and Non-corrosion High Grade Painting

Adopting anti weather fastness matte painting, feeling superior quality overwhelmly.

No Damage Assembling

Perfect match with the assembly holes on scooter, causing no damange when assembling. Coped with axle sleeve joint, it performs better as an integrated one.

High Quality Anticollision Block + 3M Reflective Membrane of Diamond Class

Adopting advanced engineering materials, durable. Large wide-angle reflective membrane with high brightness, safer when riding at night.

More Comfortable
Stable and comfortable riding, even when riding long time with loading,
same excellent stability and comfort are enjoyed.

Long Stroke Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber

Effectively absorbing the shocks from bumpy road, more stable when riding with load and comfortable. Flexible to adjust according to light or heavy load can better meet different riding requirements.

Wide Tyre

The width of rear tyre reaches 100mm, more stable.

Scientific Design on Ergonomics

Both legs rest naturally, no uncomfortable feeling. Wide seat pad, relieve the tiredness. Soft handlebar grip, touching like human skin. Wide footrest, free to adjust. Foldable assistant footrest, resting feet comfortably even when carrying goods.

More Variable
Not only for commuting,
but also good at carrying goods.
Commercial usage (sliding rear carrier version):special for express delivery or goods carrying.
Commuting and commercial dual usages (quick-dismantle tailbox version):suitable for frequent change between commercial usage and daily commuting.
Considerate Design

Front cases of open type
Drink holder of
automobile class
USB charging port

Easier and more convenient to stock personal belongings and drinks, also for mobile phone charging or navigating.

Fenders of two layers design

Front fender adopts first layer of moveable fender and tight second layer of fixed fender, protecting electric parts and cable plugs inside the front cover from dust and water and avoiding short cut and rust, secure and durable. Rear fender also adopts two layers of fenders, keeping the scooter clean even in rainy days and protecting the electric parts and cable plugs at rear.

Central magnetic cipher lock

All locks can be opened by one key, including cipher lock, ignition switch, steering lock, seat lock and tailbox lock, more convenient. The illustration words are printed at the inner side of the transparent label and will not perish or fall off.

Cover for front shock absorber

Protect effectively the piston rod of front shock absorber from damage caused by splashed rocks and avoid oil leakage.

Silent side stand

Special designed buffer structure and no metal knocking sound when putting back the side stand.