Exquisite and Considerate Design

Front luggage box with lock + Front hook

Open front luggage box

14.5L big helmet box

30.4L genuine big tailbox
(Standard for rear carrier version)

One Key for All Locks

Magnetic cipher lock, ignition switch, steering lock, front luggage box lock, seat lock, tailbox lock, etc., can all be opened with one key, more convenient.

  • Winker with Buzzer

    Winker with buzzer reminding rider to switch off the winker timely for safety concerns by voice, especially when the rider forgets to switch off the winkers covered by raincoat or due to other reasons.

  • Parking Stopper

  • Light Central Stand + Silent Side Stand

Waterproof Design

Rear wheel adopts rear fender of two layers for anti-dust and waterproof. Front wheel has fixed and flexible mudguard plates to protect electric parts, cable plugs, etc., at front from dust and water, avoiding shortcut or rust, etc. The bottom cover adds another bigger drain hole while keeping the existing long one, making dust and water difficult to accumulate.