Bold and Free Riding
Beak Type Front Fender

Reduce wind resistance efficiently and avoid splashed rocks clashing headlight.

  • Armor Like Fuel Tank Protective Covers
  • Sharp Side Covers
Abundant Power,
Go Anywhere You Like
Advanced Engine Technology
  • Intelligent FI system

  • Crankshaft eccentric technology

  • Light weight design for high speed parts

  • Roller rockarm

  • Balance shaft of dual buffer

  • Staggered meshing technology to reduce noise

  • Integral cylinder type

  • Direct cooling and spraying lubrication

  • Multi-passage cooling technology

  • On-off rectifier

  • Resonance chamber technology

Startup Acceleration
*The above are testing results from laboratory.
Climbing Performance
*The above are testing results from laboratory.
Fuel Consumption under WMTC
*The above are testing results from laboratory.
High Performance
for Off-road
Front Shock Absorber
of 180mm Long Travel

Relieve the vibration efficiently brought by bumpy road. The diameter of front shock absorber is 37mm, more rigidity and capable to bear the fierce shock when riding off road.

  • Central Rear Shock Absorber

    More centralized for the motorcycle gravity and more flexible for manoeuverability.

  • High Position Muffler
High Rigidity Frame
Ride with Fun
Friendly Seat Height

After the driver (driver's weight is around 75kg) sits on motorcycle,the seat height is lowered to 780mm.

Comfortable Ride Posture for
Both Daily and Off-road Travel
  • ABS Braking System

    Prevent wheel from locked up and thus motorcycle sliding is avoided.

  • LCD Meter

    Clear visualization

    *This picture is just an illustration of all meter functions, not actual working status.
  • USB Charging Port
  • Rear Carrier Made by New Composite Material

    Reserved assembling holes for tailbox, which are easy to add tailbox or other accessories. The rear carrier surface and rear part of seat pad are almost on even height; also there are six hooks attached to rear carrier, which are helpful to fasten the goods securely and conveniently.