Here Comes the VS125, A True Star Fighter!

Appearance matters and you know you can’t deny it. A cool-looking motorcycle is more than a transportation tool. It also adds to your stylish appeal and gets you more attention on the streets. The VS125, newly released by Haojue in 2016, is specially designed for riders who have high aesthetic sensitivity. With a futuristic style and a sporty look, the VS125 is a truly a striking star fighter, which offers super power, surprisingly high fuel economy and easy handling. Welcome to the fantastic world of the VS125.

Futuristic Styling

Unlike traditional scooters with a sleek and round profile, the VS125 features an aggressive body shape with sharp lines, looking like a mighty star fighter that comes out of a sci-fi movie. The V-shaped front fairing brims with power and confidence; the slash-style side cover feels like the lightning that flashes through the sky; and the stealth fighter-shaped tail light shines as bright as a diamond. The VS125 is the fantastic motorcycle every sci-fi fan wants to have.

Mysterious Giant’s Eye Headlight

UCAV-styled Dashboard

V-shaped Front Fairing

Stealth Aircraft-styled Tail Light

Super UM Engine

Equipped with the new generation UM engine, the VS125 combines super power with high fuel economy, enabling surprisingly fast acceleration and throttle response. The moment you start the motorcycle, you feel that your sporty soul is unleashed. With barely noticeable vibration and extremely low noise, the VS125 ensures that your every ride is comfortable and enjoyable.

Easy Riding to Your Heart’s Content

The steering system and the positioning of the center of gravity are optimized. An ideal 4:6 load carrying capacity design for the front and rear tires, together with greater caster angles, makes it easy for you to make a turn or a hyperspin. With its excellent control performance, the VS125 wins the hearts of young consumers who love the sporty motorcycle design.

The VS125 features a much lower seat height of 730mm designed with ergonomic principles, delivering great riding comfort the minute you get onto it. In addition, the contact parts such as handles, the cushion and pedals are specially treated to reduce vibration caused by bumpy road conditions, ensuring unrivalled joys of motorcycle riding.

More User-friendly Designs and More Choices of Editions

The VS125 features many thoughtful designs that offer the freedom beyond your imagination. The anti-slip seat with an extended length at 650mm is superior to other motorcycles of the same class, and the practical and comfortable folding footrests provide you with enjoyable and ample rider space in your daily trips. Both the 30.4L high-capacity original rear box and other storage boxes are handy helpers in your trips with the VS125.

The VS125 comes with three editions: the Star Fighter Edition, the Racing Edition (with armrests or a luggage rack), and the Standard Edition, in a total of 13 color combinations, to meet the needs of every individual consumer. You will never fail to find the one you truly love!