Haojue Honored with Two Awards in the 2017 Model Selection of China Motorcycle

Haojue’s DL250 and VE125 series received the award for “Top 10 Models” and the award for “Innovative Models” respectively at the 2017 Model Selection of China Motorcycle recently concluded at Dafeng Port Stadium in Jiangsu Province.

Co-hosted by the Motorcycle Branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and the China National Motorcycle Testing Center (CNMTC), the annual award event is recognized as the most authoritative recognition for motorcycle products in China involving an intense evaluation process and the largest number of contending models. The 2017 event was supported by a number of industrial and media organizations, including Alibaba DAMO Academy,,,, South Rural News, Motorcycle, Motorcycle World, Motorcycle Information, Motorcycle Technology, and China Industry News.

DL250 honored with the award for “2017 Top 10 China Motorcycle Models”

DL250, Your Ideal Motorcycle for Nature Adventures

Now with this world top-quality motorcycle professionally designed for nature adventure trips, more people can enjoy the great fun of exploring nature! Both heavy-built and agile, this model is able to excellently tackle all kinds of challenges you may encounter during the journey. Equipped with the twin cylinder water-cooled FI 250 engine good for long journeys, particularly well-adapted to complicated road conditions in China, the DL250 offers an opportunity for you to embrace the beauty of nature with mountains, waters, and winds for a full enjoyment of different aspects of life.

The DL250 features a beak-shaped front face design that effectively reduces wind resistance and prevents the headlight from being hit by gravels. The round-shaped headlight designed with searchlight techniques produces better concentrated beams and stronger penetration of light. In addition to its excellent fuel efficiency, it is equipped with a 17.3L high-capacity fuel tank, 4L larger than the GW250 fuel tank, enabling a per tank mileage of over 500 km. The sophisticated automobile-grade negative LCD dashboard presents the charm of state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring a clear display and easy reading even in the strong daylight. It also displays average fuel consumption, offering all data you need to know during your riding. The 250cc series are innovatively fitted with an automobile-grade electronic immobilizer system to ensure that only the original transponder key matching the internal ECU system can start the motorcycle, thus greatly improving the anti-theft function and offering you a stronger sense of security during the journey.

Twin-cylinder Water-cooled FI Engine Designed for a Better Riding Experience in China

With its maximum torque increased to 23.4N•m, and its maximum torque force point lowered to 6,500r/min, the DL250 engine delivers an outstanding power performance at low and medium speeds, enabling an easier riding in complicated road conditions. The optimal 250cc displacement engine is designed in compliance with the 120km/h maximum speed limit in China rather than merely seeking high speed. The asynchronous twin cylinder design enables perfect vibration and noise control, greatly relieving the rider fatigue; the highly efficient water-cooling technology makes long-distance rides worry-free; the fuel consumption is about 5% lower than that of the GW250 series. At low temperatures or on a plateau, the FI system ensures that the engine starts instantly at the first attempt.

ABS + Wave-shaped Disc Braking System

The ABS system is equipped with speed sensors on both the front and rare wheels to measure their speeds for better automatic braking effects, preventing the wheels from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding. The φ290mm front disc and the imported φ240mm rear disc, both wave-shaped, enable an easy handling of emergencies on the road. The ABS system effectively prevents the wheels from locking up and avoids uncontrolled skidding of the motorcycle during emergent braking when driving in the rain, or on muddy, icy, and slippery roads.

Ergonomic Design of Motorcycle Riding Posture

The DL250 is ergonomically designed to ensure that the height difference between the handlebars and seat is precisely adjusted to offer the best riding posture and ensure that the rider can rest the arms and back in a relaxing position during riding. The relatively lower seat cushion of 795mm fitting adventure motorcycles is used and the front part of the cushion is moderately narrowed, making it much easier for the rider to put both feet on the ground; the stepping-mode gear shifter prevents your shoe top from being scratched and ensures easy operation by the rider even wearing heavy riding boots.

VE125 honored with the award for “2017 China Innovative Motorcycle Models”

With an exceptionally appealing exterior design, the VE125 is a trend-setting scooter introduced by Haojue in 2017 to young people with a good aesthetic taste seeking a distinctive riding experience. Incorporating fashionable designs and advanced technologies, the newly developed scooter with multi-dimensional beauty offers a best choice for people with a distinctive taste.

The VE125 features an appealing jewel-like headlight into which the LED front position lamps fit seamlessly, reminding people of bright and sparkling eyes of a beautiful woman. This seemingly insignificant design alone shows the distinctive elegance of the VE125 scooters. Unlike previous products, the VE125 series features a newly developed compact body design that greatly impresses you with its artistically unique beauty and sleek looking enabled by sporty lines, cutting techniques and sculptural styling. Its trendy color scheme is inspired by luxury cars and best-selling smart phones, enhanced by the creative use of contrasting colors popular in fashion designs, to better cater for the needs of trendy young riders.

The VE125 is equipped with the super powerful UM FI engine that delivers a maximum power of 6.2Kw/7,000rpm and a maximum torque of 9.0N•m/6,000rpm, and ensures a smooth acceleration performance. It offers an extremely pleasant and comfortable riding experience through other fully optimized designs, including the ergonomic riding posture with a low seat height of 730mm, a longer seat cushion of 650mm, and front footrests with an extension of 10cm, along with the improved steering system.

Haojue’s vision to “excel in all details” is reflected throughout the VE125 scooters featured by a series of flawless designs, both interior and exterior, in other aspects of configuration and accessories, including the wheel rims, disc brake, muffler, magnetic combination lock, storage capacity and mud-proof bottom cover. All these unique designs, plus the superior materials used and sophisticated assembly techniques, make the VE125 extraordinarily delicate and elegant.

The VE125 is as attractive and appealing as premium clothing to female riders who seek artistic beauty of unique style and color, while for men, the scooter featuring a smooth and powerful engine, care-free handling and user-friendly designs is more like a friendly partner to go with to anywhere they want on different occasions such as shopping, dating or going to a party.