DCJ and Yadea Jointly Established Ai Huan Huan Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Ai Huan Huan Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AHH), a joint venture between Dachangjiang Group (DCJ) and Yadea Technology Group, has officially announced its establishment on May 19, 2021. 

With the world-leading smart battery swap system of Gogoro Network, AHH will deploy a battery swap network across the country to provide the general public with safer, faster, more reliable and convenient mobility services.

In order to achieve the national strategic goal of "emission peak and carbon neutrality" and reduce harmful gas emissions, the motorcycle electrification from "fossil fuel to electricity" is an irreversible path. Therefore, DCJ will increase investment in this field to achieve rapid development.

Consumers in general have four major concerns on electric two-wheel vehicles: range anxiety, high price, battery life and safety. To address these pains, DCJ has decided to introduce the battery swap system of Gogoro Network through AHH to accelerate and to empower the development and production of electric motorcycles and electric mopeds.