Haojue Won Two Awards at the 2019Model Selection of ChinaMotorcycle

The S-EAGLE and NK150 models from Haojue received the award for “Top 10 Models” and“Innovative Models” respectively on Sep. 20th at the awarding ceremony for the 2019 ModelSelection of China Motorcycle of CCIC WEST CUP grandly held on the motorcycle rider’s night atChina International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition in Chongqing City.



The annual model selection of China motorcycles event is held by the Motorcycle Branch of ChinaAssociation of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and the China National Motorcycle TestingCenter (CNMTC) jointly. This year is the 6th time. The 2019 event was organized with assistancefrom Chongqing Exhibition Center Co., Ltd(Who co-hosted the 17th China InternationalMotorcycle Trade Exhibition), and supported by a number of motorcycle media organizationsincluding,, motorcycle magazine,,, ChinaIndustry News/Motorcycle Version, DAMO Academy, etc. Also, many motorcycle clubs attendedthis event actively.

S- Eagle is honored with the award for “Top 10 Models” at the 2019Model Selection of China Motorcycle


NK150 is honored with the award for “Innovative Models” at the 2019Model Selection of China Motorcycle


S- Eagle:

With eagle beak style front cover, LED headlight resembling eagle eyes, LED position light and turning lights, personalized handlebar, dynamic muffler with vacuum coating in golden..., creative and unique Super Eagle integrates fierce force in the design of multi-levels and dimensions body, as an eagle springs out in the sky and pitches down, impressing you with stunning feelings.


Super Eagle is equipped with an amazing ESS engine, which adopts dozens of advanced technologies, such as intelligent fuel injection, cylinder with needling sheath, light-weight high speed parts and high position air-intake, etc., It can reach a super power of 6.6kW and super torque of 10.0 N·m, achieving excellent power unmatched at the times.


Wider handlebar and small shrinkage angle make the rider’s elbow turning outward naturally when riding. The creative and ingenuous design of front wheel considers both the lightness and sufficient land grabbing, realizing light operation of steering and providing passionate riding experience. Carefully calibrated suspension system, responds swiftly and absorbs vibration from road effectively. No matter it is at turning, or speeding, or passing through heavy traffic, or running on narrow lanes, Super Eagle performs excellently allthe time.


By superior equipment and excellent technique, Super Eagle represents better quality and premium taste in its every detail, and also brings you more considerate and user-friendly experience in your interesting daily ridings.


LCD meter with four colors and LED light, changing colors as you want and dynamic, adds functions of temperature indication, voltage alarm and engine oil replacing indication, etc. Super large helmet box of 16.8L can easily stock one full helmet or two half helmets and make the stock of daily items convenient. Front open stock space can hold your favorite drinks easily too, and the USB port above makes charging more convenient. Foldable rear footrests are made by alloy, looking nice and more comfortable.


NK150, its outlines exerting intense impression by rugged lines and wild appearance hiding fearless force, brings you a heroic spirit even before the engine starts. With beak style front fender, wild atmosphere is naturally felt by this bionic design; also the headlight is protected from the splashing rocks. The aggressive and armor like fuel tank protection cover, coped with muscularfuel tank, showing a powerful image of force.


By scientific design on the moving, suspension, brake systems and ground clearance, etc., the excellent off-road performance of NK150 can make you easily conquer the roads in mountains, forests and bumpy pathways, and pass through raining, snowing, ponding and sandstone gully, making you discover more possibilities.


NK150 is equipped with brand new 150cc engine with fuel injection system, more powerful and less vibration. The engine’s performance at low and middle speed is greatly improved, bursting out tough torque of 12.7N·m in no time and performing excellently at start-up, overtaking and climbing, etc. Its fuel consumption under WMTC test is only 2.04L/100km, making you not only passing through open field freely, but also riding on the road without any worrying.


The space positions of handlebar, seat and footrests of NK150 are scientifically designed, making you cruise and pass the lanes freely even in city. Your riding will be full of fun.